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What’s your lipstick shape say about you…

Posted on 23 February 2016



Rounded Tip to a Point:You find that your personality is polarising: People either love you tremendously or actively dislike you. This doesn’t bother you though — you take pride in being opinionated and bold enough to share your thoughts in front of others. Despite your intense exterior, you are always the first one to offer support when a loved one is in need.

Flat Top: People often call you the wittiest person they know, and they’re probably right — you’ve always been quick, intelligent, and funny; a combo that makes you a natural charmer. Still, you get frustrated during discussions and have a hard time not arguing with people who disagree with you, so that aspect of your personality can annoy your loved ones. You prefer documentaries to most genres of film, especially romantic comedies that you find unreasonable.


Rounded Smooth Tip: You love your house/apartment and you love entertaining at home. Taking care of your friends is the most important thing in your life, but you also take pride in letting out your artsy side via hobbies like music, writing, or drawing.

Slant Close to Original Shape:  You’ve always felt uncomfortable breaking the rules and you still get nervous about disappointing other people or hurting someone’s feelings. On the positive side, this empathy has made you a lovable person that is always a valuable component of every team you’re on, both at work and socially.


Flat Top Concave: You don’t mind getting your hands dirty when it comes down to accomplishing tasks — after all, your biggest pet peeve is not finishing something you’ve started. Your curiosity knows no bounds and you’re never afraid to ask questions or take risks. These qualities have led to you getting what you want out of your work life, dating life, and social life.

Sharp Angled Sides: Smart and flirty, you are naturally charming — a trait that makes you the envy of your friends. When on holidays, you prefer going on adventures rather than just lie around by a pool all day. People occasionally think you’re conceited, but you just know who you are and are proud of your accomplishments. You’re very, very good at karaoke.


Sharp Curved Top: You’re always shamelessly crushing on the newest man in your life. You have tons of love to give and enjoy helping. You’re incredibly creative, which is wonderful, but you tend to put too much pressure on yourself. You love all animals, but you’re definitely a dog person due to canines’ fun energy and unconditional loyalty — traits you value in yourself, as well.

Sharp Diagonal Tip: Charismatic and ambitious, you have always been a natural leader. At parties — which you love to throw and attend — you are often the centre of attention, making those around you laugh. Your eagerness to be in charge and in control can annoy those around you on occasion, but you undeniably get things done, making you an integral part in the lives of your family and friends.

Love The Lip Lab Team

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