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The Trick Kim Kardashian’s Makeup Artist Uses to Create Fuller-Looking Lips

Posted on 17 March 2016

KIM KARDASHIAN-WEST’S makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic just divulged the trick he uses to emphasise her lips to make them look fuller….

In a new makeup tutorial on Kim’s app, Mario shares some of the steps that go into making Kardashian’s lips look fuller. “A great tip if you want to get a more pouty lip is to put a little bit of highlighter right on the Cupid’s bow,” he explain. “That’s going to really lift up and make the lips look pouty.”

And to get a strong, precise-looking lip line (which can also make lips appear fuller), he busts out some foundation. “If you want to get a really perfect lip line, use a little bit of foundation or concealer and draw a line right underneath the lips to really perfect that line,” he says. “This also adds a lifting effect to the face and the lips.”

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