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The Power Of Pink Lipstick

Posted on 16 February 2016

PINK LIPSTICK CAN HAVE AS MUCH DRAMATIC IMPACT AS RED but the same rules for choosing a red, apply to pink!

The key to this fresh look is to avoid seeming overdone, which means scaling back the rest of your makeup. Swipe on lipstick right after you do your foundation, before eyes and cheeks, so you aren’t too zealous about putting on other colours.

INSIDER TIP: Go for a more blue-based, such as magenta, if your skin is golden; pick paler peony if you’re fair. {Your Lip Lab colour consultant will be able to advise you!}

+ here’s the how-to / wear-to-where guide…

during the day: Turn your favorite lipcolour into a less intense, daytime-friendly stain. Pucker up as if you’re going to kiss someone on the cheek, then tap your pointer finger twice on the tip of the lipstick
and press colour on.

to a special occasion: Apply lipstick directly from the tube to get the most vibrant night-out finish. (The waxes and oils enhance its lustre.) If you want even more sparkle, swipe an iridescent gloss with a hint of pink.

out on a date-night: The goal is perfectly coloured-in lips, but you don’t want to be constantly sneaking touch-ups. Layer a high-shine lipstick over a lip stain in a similar shade, which acts the way a lipliner does, creating a layer for pigment to adhere to. Even as the lipstick fades, the stain underneath stays.

The Lip Lab Team

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