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8 Reasons Lipstick Can Make Your Life Better

Posted on 8 July 2016

1. It’s a confidence booster. Try wearing lipstick every day for one week straight and tell us if you don’t instantly feel more confident. Trust us – this works.

2. It helps adds {good} drama. A bold lip brings drama in the most beautiful kind of way. Any situation you encounter during the day will quickly become more interesting because you’re making a daring statement wherever you go.

3. There’s a perfect bold colour for every occasion. Whether you’re wearing ripped jeans and a t-shirt or an evening gown, there is a shade of lipstick that will be an ideal compliment to your look. Nothing makes a girl pop like a bright burst of colour!

4. You’ll Care More About Your Skin. Nothing makes a bright lip look worse than a giant zit on your face, so if you decide that you’ll be rocking lipstick on the regular, you’ll be more likely to take the best possible care of your skin. That’s what we like to call fringe benefits.

6. The Only Product You Need. Whether you’re running low on time or you’re going for a fearless look, a bold lip is perfectly fine flying solo. Skip the blush and eye makeup to keep the focus on your attention-getting lips.

7. You’ll Be Complimented Left and Right. Seriously. Find the shade that works best on you and makes you feel confident and you’ll be taking compliments from just about everywhere. Confidence boost for one, please!

8. Dress Up Any Look. Girls with glasses often feel like wearing makeup is tough, considering there’s a pretty substantial block up over a major makeup area of the face. Lipstick, however, is the beauty statement waiting to be made while wearing glasses. Dress up any look with a swipe of your favorite colour.

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