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6 of our best BYO foundation tips

Posted on 20 May 2017

FOUNDATION CAN MAKE YOUR SKIN LOOK BRIGHTER AND MORE RADIANT – IF IT’S APPLIED CORRECTLY!… here are our insider tips on how-to do just that + how you can create your own custom foundation and concealer…

1. Choose a liquid foundation — it’s more moisturising and less likely to go cakey. Test shades on your jawline, preferably in natural light {at a department store, ask for two samples on cotton buds and check them out near the door; at a chemist, bring your top two picks to a window and hold the bottles up to your face}.

Exciting news… you can now blend your own foundation at The Lip Lab.
Yep that’s right, no more second guessing your foundation colour. Combining pure pigments and toners with skin enhancing ingredients, The Lip Lab now offers you a range of liquid foundations including matte, oil free and enriched. #perfection

Customised foundations and concealers, that are your perfect colour, your perfect mix, all made with your perfectly prescribed additives.

2. If you can’t decide between the two shades, go with the one that’s slightly darker. Or buy both and mix them. {We can advise you!}

3. Prep your skin. Before applying, always use moisturiser. Makeup blends more easily if skin is moist.

4. Try a primer. They not only help your make-up last longer, they also even out the texture of the skin, holds moisture in and keeps the makeup looking smooth and even.

5. If your foundation looks little too dark or heavy, dilute the foundation in your hand with a drop of moisturiser before applying. To give a glowing effect, add a few drops of illuminator to your formula.

6. Use a makeup sponge. Use it dry if you want full coverage; and damp {wet it and squeeze} if you want a sheer result. Dip the sponge in foundation and spread the foundation lightly over the skin in a circular motion, as if you’re washing your face.

BOOK IN TODAY to create your BYO Blend Your Own Foundation and Concealer

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